OK, we know you came here looking for an awesome Volkswagen shop, but this is too cool not to share. Since Volkswagen doesn’t make a full-size pick up, we’ll admit to a soft spot for Chevy trucks.

Better mileage and more power.  Bigger, taller tires and more power off the line.  Think these things can’t go together? 

Think again.

Much more comprehensive than hand-held reprogrammers, our unique reprogramming system allows us to custom program your truck’s computer to best fit your needs. Whether you need to accommodate for bigger tires, performance upgrades, or simply want better mileage based on how you typically use your truck – for driving in he city, on the highway, or towing – we can get you more out of your truck, all without compromising your truck’s warranty.

For Chevy and GMC trucks 1996 and up, some other makes and models also available.